Facelift Surgery is the Right Choice with the Right Facelift Surgeon

Information About Facelift Surgery (Rhytidectomy)

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Before deciding on facelift surgery it is important to understand what the result will be and when is the right time to consider having a facelift. You also need to know what is involved, how long the procedure takes and the process of recovery.  Most importantly you should choose a qualified surgeon if you choose to get a facelift in san francisco.

Facelift surgery tightens up the skin and leaves the face smoother and much younger-looking. Excess skin is removed from the face and the skin is tightened so that wrinkles disappear, along with any deep lines and sagging skin. The result will last for years.

It is recommended that when facelift surgery is carried out there is still some flexibility in the skin. Supple and elastic skin heals far faster and with better results.

You may choose to have a full facelift or a partial facelift, depending on whether you want to improve the whole appearance of your face, just the lower part of the face or only the brow and around the eyes.

You will need to be generally in good health and physically fit before you undergo facelift surgery.  Click here for some pictures of recent facelift surgeries.

A rhytidectomy is carried out under general anaesthetic. The procedure involves removal of loose skin, the tightening of muscle and remodelling of facial tissue.

A skilled surgeon starts by making incisions into the skin at the top of the face, in the temple close to the hairline. Incisions are made down each side of the face, carefully following facial contours, curving around each ear, going up behind the ear and back toward the hairline.

The face is remodeled by separating skin from underlying tissue. Excess fat is removed and muscles are tightened, before the skin is trimmed. Layers of tissue are secured with stitches and skin is held tight with metal clips.

Facelift surgery generally takes between two and three hours, and the average hospital stay is only of one to two days duration.

There is inevitably some swelling and bruising on the face following a rhytidectomy. Until the swelling goes down you have to keep your head in an elevated position for two or three days.

When drainage tubes have been inserted into the face during the procedure, these are removed after one or two days.

Bandaging comes off within a few days, and stitches are removed at the end of five days.

If metal clips are left in place to secure the scalp, these are removed two weeks after surgery.

No strenuous exercise should be taken in the first five days following facelift surgery. Follow-up visits will be necessary to keep a check on the healing process.

Napa County Facelift surgery (rhytidectomy) is a safe and successful surgical procedure that has been carried out on men and women over many years. Full recovery usually takes place within three weeks.

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